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About us

KENT is a collective of companies specialized in their own field, which teamed up to create a full fledged post production facility. We offer 3D animation, visual effects and motion graphics services to major production companies and agencies throughout the world. Our creative skills range from visual and story development to final post production, including complete CG and image creation. Below are KENT's subsidiary companies

Pixel Farm

3D Animation Studio


Visual Effects/Motion Graphics


Post Production Services

Our services

We provide full post production services including 2D & 3D visual effects, offline, design & animation. Our services are offered accross various mediums and platforms for TVCs, Corporate videos, Digital videos, Events, Feature Films, Documentaries, Music videos and many more.



Character, 3D Concept Art, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Shading, Keyframe 3D Animation, Matte Paiting, Lighting, Rendering, Fluid Simulation, 3D FX



RotoScoping, Paint, Clean plate, Wire/Rig Removal, Compositing (2D & 3D), Camera - Object Tracking & Rotomation

Visual Effects


2D & 3D Visual Effects

Motion Graphics


2D Animation, Cell Animation, Hand Drawn Animation, Typography, Titles

Recent works

Bellow is a list of our recent work for you to enjoy

  • Vodafone
    Vodafone Gaming
  • Vodafone
    Vodafone Making of
  • Caprice
    Caprice VR
  • MoEffect Showreel
    MoEffect Showreel
  • Pixel Farm Showreel
    Pixel Farm Showreel

Core Team

We have a history of doing what our name implies, creating a visual language around the beliefs of the client we work with.

Costas Fatsis

3D Animation Director

Ephi Papoutsi

Post Production Supervisor

Nick Pittas

VFX Supervisor/Senior Compositor

Daniel Petsaridis


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KENT Post Production

35, Larnakos Street, Papagou 15669, Athens-Greece

Phone: +30 210 6535169

Skype: kent-films

Email: info[at]kent-films.com

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